Culture, experience and knowledge: they are all the result of the respect and preservation of our memory. Without memory, there would be no evolution, and we would be no different to the simplest of living beings. But instead, we remember, we love, we conserve – not only our most beautiful ideas but also the things that we hold most dear; those which have marked our lives and our development. It is for these reasons that I created the Scatola del Tempo – to store the most important and precious timepieces in a fittingly distinguished manner; those timepieces that mark not only the evolution of modern technique, but also our days, our waits, our ceaseless searching as collectors.

I wanted a perfect “box” where I could let my watches rest, where they would feel at ease, protected and secure. Such a thing did not exist. So I decided to create it, finding and bringing together the most skilled professionals in the whole of Italy and Switzerland. It was 1989, and the success that has steadily followed Scatola del Tempo since then is the simplest and most striking confirmation of good planning and execution.

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Today we can be found across five continents, and our quality is received with approval and admiration everywhere we go. But in reality, this is of little interest to us. Similarly, it does not interest us that at regular intervals someone decides to copy us, or to take advantage of our truth and our ideas. We have work to do, and a little dream to realize every day. There is a story to write; so much to learn, and even more to build. This is something we know how to do, and will go on doing with the same passion and love we felt from the very beginning.

The creation of Scatola del Tempo goes back to the end of the 80’ and is due neither to a mere marketing choice nor to a diversification of a business already operating in the sector. Scatola del Tempo was born from the will and the initiative of a collector, Mr. Sandro Colarieti that, researching a watch holder that could be at the quality level of the models in his possession, couldn’t help but make one himself, using local craftsmanship and first quality materials.